Social Responsibility


1.5 Million Donations of Jinxin Help Thousands of Students Study in University Successfully


Great love in hand with micro public good warms the hearts of poor students again. 1.5 million loving donations helps to fulfill the poor students’ dreams. In the morning of August 22, co-initiated by Luoyang Jinxin Group, Henan Jinxin Loving Education Fund, and Xinrongji Investment Guarantee Co., Ltd, the annual “Students Assistance Special Program” held the issuing ceremony of the student subsidies. 20 college freshmen, who are excellent in character and learning but poor, received 3000 RMB student subsidies. Other educational donations are targeted funding about a thousand poor college freshmen in 7 counties (cities) and districts including Jianxi, Yiyang, Mengjin, Yanshi, Xinan, Ruyang, and Luoning.

In order to earn the tuition, Wang Gaofeng goes out to work the day after the college entrance examination; in order to save money for mother’s medicine, Ma Shengge never eat meat for as long as she can remember; living in the kiln house for three generations, Li Gege wins a drawer full of certificates of merit. On each poor student, we can find different living experience and stubborn will of study. Their sufferings deeply affect the hearts of leaders of Jinxin Group. The loving efforts of Jinxin Group, Henan Jinxin Loving Education Funds, and Xinrongji Investment Guarantee Co., Ltd are gathered to these excellent poor students. They have donated 1.5 million RMB for this activity.

According to information, Luoyang Jinxin Group was founded in October 1997, founded by Jinxin Jewelry. During 17 years hard development, it has developed into a multi-industrial group of jewelry, finance, real estate and mining. At present, the four industries develop shoulder to shoulder and shine with their own extraordinary splendor. Jinxin Group returns the society by its golden heart. In December 2009, Nian Yongan, Chairman of Jinxin Group, self-raised funds of 5 million RMB to fund Henan Jinxin Loving Education Funds, aiming to collect the loving efforts of the society to help poor college students and dropout juvenile and children, carrying forward loving assist education spirits, actively promoting social and public welfare undertakings, improving the social harmony and healthy development. Since its founding, the donation has reached to 8.7 million RMB, help over 5000 students. The holding company of Jinxin Group, Xinrongji Investment Guarantee Co., Ltd was founded in September, 2006. It is the first guarantee institution invested and guided by the government and market-oriented operated by private in Luoyang. After 8 years development, the registered capital reached 1 billion RMB, becoming the No. 1 in the whole province, and No. 3 among the national private holding guarantee companies/ in addition to promote the development of the small and medium-sized enterprises, Xinrongji donates over 10 million in total for poor students, earthquake relief and other social and public welfare undertakings. In the ceremony, the representative of the poor students tells the experience of himself, which moved the people at spot.

Nian Yongan, Chairman of Jinxin Group said, “for the past 17 years, besides building a bigger and stronger enterprise, we actively practice the social responsibilities of a private enterprise, promoting the development of social and public welfare undertakings, donates over 100 million in total. The reason of doing so is not simply for doing good deeds, but a manifestation of shouldering social responsibilities. We have held loving students assisting activity for several years, and will continue making more efforts to be the example of Luoyang private enterprises.

In the speech of the municipal government, he mentioned that, education is important for the future of the country and its people. In the cultivation of young people, we always emphasize the educational rights of the special groups, further perfect the financial aid policy for students from families with financial difficulties in all level schools, and make sure that no student dropout from school because of poor. Under this background, “Students Assistance Special Program” is conformed to the theme of helping the socially disadvantaged group, passing love and carrying forward social “positive energy”. As the past years, Jinxin Group donates another 1.5 million RMB to help the needy students, which proves the loving hearts and the strong sense of social responsibility. In addition, we hope there will be more loving enterprises, like Luoyang Jinxin Group, Henan Jinxin Loving Education Fund, and Xinrongji Investment Guarantee Co., Ltd, joining in the team for assisting the socially disadvantaged group and passing love.

Over 200 people participated in the issuing ceremony of Jinxin Loving subsidies, including officials of Luoyang City and Jianxi District, Federation of Industry and Commerce in some counties and districts, and Education Administration, representative of the donor schools and students.