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Warmly congratulate the 2015 AGM successfully convened



On May.13th, Henan Xinrongji Holding Co.,Ltd held the 2015 AGM as scheduled, shareholders, directors, supervisor, senior executives and heads of responsive departments attended the meeting. Their togetherness, under the discussion and planning, with performance report of last year, with development strategy in future.

The 2015 AGM is held by Chairman Nian Yongan, aimed to deliberate and pass the Report of 2015 annual board of directors, Report of 2015 annual board of supervisors, Report of 2015 annual with briefs,  Report of 2015 annual reports on final accounts and 12 motion so forth during the meeting.

Ms.Zhu Yanjun, as director, in this report, She said we, Xin Rongji had completed the better main targets this year than ever before, by means of transformation and innovation, to create unique development and sales mode as Holding company in the financial crisis, with the help of hardships and unions from the board of directors, in the context of serious challengs from economic development. This year, we, as the most profitable enterprise of NEEQ,  achieved operating income 420 million, up 46.15% over the last period of last year, and achieved net profit 253 million, up 69.59% over the last period of last year. Next year, we will mine customer needs fully, expand holding territory continously, with the base of guarantee service, to strengthen services of Small loan company, Finance Leasing Company, Asset Management Company, fund management company and so on, to achieve synergy development of each plate and diversification of corporate earnings.

After the report , shareholders expressed sincerely that it was gratifying that Xinrongji, as the most profitable enterprise of NEEQ in Henan provice, had ranked the 1st in twice consecutive years, despite the economic downturn.

Chairman Nian Yongan delicated, Xin Rongji must accept the strict audit for launch on account of something, which is he first case that we are the 1st comprehensive financial services company listed on the NEEQ, even so, we overcome hard, stood test, and have achieved significant breakthrough of launch on NEEQ, then finally have entered into the capital market. Xin Rongji will be going through an important phase in its leaping development in the next five years which must appropriately handle risks, promote the upgrading by directional facilities strategy, focusing on the target, precise force, to make it steady develop. Next step, company will focus on four key perfomance targets, being a solid foundation, breaking through the development, improving the management, promoting the culture, take the opportunity of financial market and asset securitization, based on the financial industry chain and capital market platform, and continue to serve the development of SME as their own responsibility, expanding vigorouslythe territory of financial services, and to achieve strategic objectives which based in Henan Province, deep in the Central Plains, layout of Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen deep, to create the great enterprise of China's financial services industry.