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Xinrongji Financial Holding: Pool the wisdoms of the masses and aim for mutual development


Xinrongji is a boat and we are on the board. – The family of Xionrongji Xinrongji know that the boat only head further with with everyone’s earnest endeavor

On 26th Feb 2015, Henan Xinrongji Financial Holding Co. Ltd held an tea party to welcome the new spring. Senior managers and staffs from varied positions air their views freely, share their experience and drawbacks in work and propose for the firm’s wellbeing and development strategy.
    “My role today is a listener, I look forward to everyone’s true thoughts, so please speak out your opinions.” Our Executive director Mrs. Zhu made an simple and clear opening for this tea party. Then she also announced our operation condition and explicit the new developing direction for 2015.
 Opportunities can always be found in crisis, the party secretary Shi Baoshang analyzed the current economic condition, evaluated strategies to survive in crisis, as well as suggested on catching opportunities in important business areas. In specific, Mr. Shi proposed the development direction of “ three targets” and “one strategy point”, as well as the profound analysis regarding how private businesses can grow faster and strengthen its position in Chinese economy.
    “On the basis of reinforcing guarantee and financial lease businesses, we would further expand operation channel and enhance equity investment management, capital management and penny fund management etc, to diversify our service variety and forge an strong and powerful financial holding institution”, said the president Liu Tongfu. He explicitly positioned the future direction of Xinrongji Financial holding Co., Ltd and detailed analyzed company’s current situation. Meanwhile, president Liu also guided the development of all business areas and recruitment of professional talents.
    In addition, managers from all departments including the secretary of the board, chairman office, human resource, accounting, strategic development, and information technology presented their experience and opinions regarding the development of Xinrongji.
    “We could pass our thoughts directly to the management level and contribute the company’s future through this form of discussion”, at the end of the tea party, many employees said. By doing this type of activity, the distance between the management and junior staff could be significantly reduced, the true voice of staff from all levels could be heard by the seniors in an effective approach.
    I would voluntarily complete tasks with all my passion and energy and strive to build the boat with my heart. – Just like what says in the < Xinrongji is a boat and we are on the board>, party attendees stated that they would work with the company to overcome difficulties with their full passion, and continue to promote the innovative and courageous team spirit to enhance all business areas to a new peak.