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Qianhai Equity Exchange and Xinrongji Financial Holding Jointly Recruit Talents


 Qianhai Equity Exchange Centre have obtained RMB555 million in its registered capital, and have introduced three top securities in its equity holding structure – Citic Securities, Guosen Securities and Essence Securities, which strive to forge a whole new capital market. The centre fully utilize the resources from Internet and aim to provide a private, personalized and customized financial solution for start-ups, developing businesses and SMEs which are not listed in Shanghai or Shenzhen stock exchanges. As a result, this would open up a brand new financing channel outside commercial banks and traditional stock exchanges, which can significantly help business’ development. At present, there are 4500 companies listed in Qianhai Equity Exchange Centre.

With RMB1.5 billion registered capital, Xinrongji Financial Holding Co., Ltd is founded by the Jinxin Group and supported by Luoyang Daily News Group. Moreover, it also own six subsidiaries across several financial areas including guarantee, financial lease, financial investment, fund management and asset management, etc. In specific, Xinrongji Investment and Guarantee Co., Ltd is financially guided by the government and supported by private fund. After 9 years’ development, it has grew into the largest in guarantee industry of Henan province with RMB1 billion registered capital and RMB1.3 net asset.

 Qianhai Equity Exchange Centre has reach an agreement with Luoyang Government on January 27, 2015. This agreement is conducted to establish an operation centre in Luoyang, which would allow the Qianhai Equity Exchange Centre to fully connect to SMEs of Henan Province. In addition, the centre would also sign an agreement with Xinrongji Financial Holding with the aim of opening up Henan market.

1. Available positions
Listing Advisers
1. Bachelor and above qualification, professional bodies recognized certificates in finance, laws and accounting industries are preferred;
2. 35 years old or below, more than 3 years work experience in sales and marketing;
3. Characteristics: achievement oriented, employee mentoring, information collecting, relationship building, leadership and team player.
Senior managers
1. 35 years old or below, Bachelor and above qualifications, experience in economics and laws, risk controls are preferred;
2. More than 6 months experience as a listing adviser, obtained more than 3 years work experience in finance industry;
3. Well-developed communication skills, negotiation skills, reading and writing skills as well as computer skills;
4. Familiar with financial regulations and laws, obtained risk identification knowledge and ability.

Asset management senior managers, fund management and equity management senior managers, financial lease senior managers and customer managers, finance supermarket senior managers, customer managers and financial planners
Finance, investment, economic management majors, bachelor and above qualifications, more than 3 years experience in finance industry, especially in mergers and acquisition and capital operation.

 Accounting, laws
Accounting or law majors, bachelor and above qualifications, more than 3 years work experience in finance industry, CPA or certified lawyers are preferred

Information centre director, P2P Senior managers, Desk Operation Engineers, System administrators
Computer or related major, Bachelor and above qualifications, more than 3 years work experience in IT and team management.

2. Talents Reserve

PHD, Master Graduates. No limitation on filed of study.

Finance related major preferred.

3. Work Location:
ShenZhen, chosen cities of Henan province, and flexible with business trips.

4. Join us
Deadline: Starting from today to March 20, 2015
How to apply: please send your personal resume with interested position to
Telephone: 0371-55905027 Mobile: 15238098676 Miss Huang (Zhengzhou)
Telephone: 0379-64958721 Miss Zhao, Mr Huang (Luoyang)
Mobile:18039960022 Mr. Huang (Luoyang)