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Our Chairman Nian Yong’An Accompanied Luoyang Government Official Group to Shenzhen Qianhai for Research


 On the 1st of March, the chairman of Qianhai Equity Exchange Hu Jizhi said that they would establish an operation center in Luoyang as their first branch in China, when he receive the search group from Luoyang.

Nian Yong'an, the Director of Jinxin Group, said that according to the work schedule of Qianhai Equity Exchange, they would sign an agreement with Xinrongji under the Jinxin Group, which would increase the registered capital of Xinrongji Guarantee to 2-3 billion RMB in order to strengthen its guarantee business and connect to the capital market. In addition, the Qianhai Equity Exchange would also partner with Luoyang Government and Xinrongji in mid March, jointly launch the Small-Medium Enterprises Capital Management firm of Luoyang. As a result, problematic companies which are still valuable to Luoyang city even to Henan Province, would be restructured or enhanced through mergers and acquisitions, as well as enliven assets to tackle debt repayment problem, defuse public conflicts. By rooting in Luoyang and radiating Henan, as well as promoting the Luoyang model in the nationwide, we aim to provide one-top comprehensive financial service to all SMEs.

27th January 2015, Qianhai Equity Exchange and the finance office of Luoyang government signed the “Strategic Collaboration Framework Agreement between the municipal government of Luoyang and Shenzhen Qianhai Equity Exchange”. Moreover, the exchange also agreed to issue RMB5 billion private bond to support the development of SMEs in Henan Province.

Xinrongji Investment & Guarantee Company is guided by the Luoyang government fund , leaded by private fund and operated under the market mechanism. After the 9 years development, the registered capital of Xinrongji has reached RMB 1 billion and grew into the largest guarantee company which are funded by both government and private capital in Henan province.

Established by Shenzhen Qianhai Shengang Contemporary Service Industry Cooperation Zone, Qianhai Equity Exchange Center is a regional equity exchange market that is controlled by state-owned enterprises and operated under market mechanism. Aiming at becoming an integrated financial service provider for SMEs and qualified investors, the center is an efficient OTC exchange based on the Internet and IT technology. At present, there are approximately 4500 enterprises listed on Qianhai Equity Exchange.

Furthermore, the director of Qianhai Equity Exchange Hu Jizhi would like to visit Luoyang in mid March and to attend relevant project signing ceremony.