Human Resources

Talent Concept

Xinrongji Financial Holding Co., Ltd (“Xinrongji Financial Holdings” for short) regards talents as the most important source, taking relying on talents as the fundamental premise of the development, respecting talents as the fundamental principle, and promoting the mutual development of the enterprise and staff as the major task of talent strategy.

Xinrongji Financial Holdings adheres to the operation concept of people oriented, attracting talents by the broad developing prospect and encouraging talents by bright objectives. Through building a scientific and effective talent system, the company actively create a favorable talent development environment, endeavoring to provide a platform for every staff to fully perform their talents. Through creating personal development opportunity continuously, the company provides all the talents with the opportunity and platform to succeed and realize their personal value.

Honesty should be the basic characteristic of the company and all the staff. Honesty is the base of the staff’s personality, the principle of working, and the manner of dealing things. Operating the company by the spirits of honesty, we are endeavoring to do all the work and everything.

Talent spirits — Bold in innovation and dare to shoulder responsibility

Talent standard — Morality-oriented and base on specialty, passionately striving for excellence

Talent introduction — Elite of Finance Industry and in Professional Field

Talent encouragement — Results depends on the value of your contribution

Talent strategy

Talent strategy is the first strategy of the company. Xinrongji sticks the management principle of “mutual development of the talents and the company”, holds the spirits of “bold in innovation and dare to shoulder responsibility”, builds the mutual prospect of “carrying the responsibility of supporting the small and medium-sized enterprises, building a wonderful enterprise in Chinese financial service industry”. The company recruits talents widely on the boat of Xinrongji, constructing a century-old enterprise and realizing the mutual dream.