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  • Financing Lease
  • The holding financing lease company is Weiding Financing Lease Co., Ltd.
    The major services of financing lease are providing direct lease, sale and leaseback, sublease, operational lease, leveraged lease and other services for the small and medium-sized enterprises.

    Direct Financing Lease
    According to the lessee’s specific requirements on leased items and the selection of supplies, the leaser purchases leased items from the supplies and lease to the lessee. The lessee will pay the rents to the leaser by installments. During the lease term, the property of the leased item belongs to the leaser, while the right to use belongs to the lessee. When the lease term comes to an end, the rent payment is completed and the lessee has fulfilled all the obligations according to the lease contract, the leaser will transfer the property of equipment to the lessee.

    The lessee sells all the equipment to the leaser in the stipulated price and rent the equipment from the leaser. The leaser enjoys the property of the equipment in law, while the lessee enjoys the right of use, benefits and final property of the equipment. The equipment sell by the lessee company must be its legal property and without any form of mortgage or guarantee. The asset sell contract and the lease contract become effective at the same time and are mutually conditional.

    Vendor Lease
    Vendor lease is the strategic cooperation between the equipment manufacturer and the lease company. It is a business mode that use lease to financing for customer who by the products and conduct the follow-up equipment asset management.

    Operational Lease
    Operational lease refers to the lease that the leased items are reflected on the asset accounts of the leaser, while the properties belong to the leaser, and the leaser bears the risk of dealing with the residual value of the leased items. From the angle of the lessee, this is a kind of lease that the cost (rent) of lease equipment can be shared into the period charges.