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  • Guarantee Business
  • The holding guarantee companies are Xinrongji Investment Guarantee Co., Ltd and Henan Oriental Enterprise Investment Guarantee Co., Ltd.

    The major products and services of the guarantee business are listed as follows:

    CategoryDetailed Category
    Financing GuaranteeBank Financing Guarantee, Non-bank Financing Guarantee
    Non-Financing GuaranteeEngineering Guarantee, Litigation Security Guarantee

    Bank Financing Guarantee:
    This kind of guarantee provides working capital loan guarantee for enterprises and private production and operation, including working capital loan guarantee, bank acceptance bill guarantee, private production and operation loan guarantee, tread financing guarantee and so on. Xinrongji Guarantee and Oriental Guarantee cooperate with 17 banks. We can recommend different bank according to the enterprise’s condition. At the same time, counter guarantee measures are made for each customer respectively, flexible in operation that can make up the shortages in small and medium-sized enterprises financing.

    Non-bank Financing Guarantee:
    This kind is the guarantee for government purchasing, infrastructure construction, enterprise capital market financing, similar financial institution refinancing, including government purchasing guarantee, collective bill guarantee, collective bond guarantee, trust plan guarantee, capital management plan guarantee, petty loan company loan guarantee, financing lease guarantee, etc.

    Non-Financing Guarantee:
    This is the guarantee for enterprises to apply property preservation, contract performance, project performance to the court, including attachment guarantee (covers property preservation guarantee before litigation, litigation property preservation guarantee, and property execution guarantee), contract performance guarantee (equity transaction guarantee, advance payment guarantee, quality guarantee), and project performance guarantee (bid guarantee, owner payment guarantee, contractor performance guarantee, peasant worker’s wages payment guarantee), etc..