Business Area

  • Equity Investment
  • The holding equity investment management company is Beijing Ruifang Equity Investment Fund Management Co., Ltd.   
    The major services of equity investment management are list as follows:

    Providing professional fund management service
    The company raises fund to establish the investment fund from the eligible investors through non-open channel, using our resources and the professional management team to realize professional fund management, so as to create considerable return for investors.

    Providing consulting service on asset securitization for the small and medium-sized enterprises
    According to the characteristics of the small and medium-sized enterprises, our company designs the targeted, risk controlled and rates reasonable asset securitization products, and promotes these products to the capital market jointly with other financial institutions, and thus provides new channel for the small and medium-sized enterprises.

    Providing merges, acquisitions, directional capital increment and other financial services for the small and medium-sized enterprises
    Relying on the huge customer resources accumulated by guarantee business, the company provides professional services on merges and acquisitions, and restructuring the same industry or the upstream and downstream firms of the industry. Participating into the directional capital increment of the excellent companies by the raised fund to satisfy the needs of capital of the small and medium-sized enterprises in their development, and lower their financial cost to ensure the better development.