About Us

  • Company Strategy
  • Henan Xinrongji Financial Holding Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive financial service institution rooted in Henan and spread to the whole country, serving the small and medium-sized enterprises. On the basis of being bigger and stronger in guarantee business, the company gradually starts financial business in asset management, investment management, petty loan, finance lease, and trust, etc., providing comprehensive and multilevel financial service for small and medium-sized enterprises, and building the company as the excellent financial service business in China.

    Small and medium-sized enterprises are the base of socialist market economy, but the financing difficulty of them at this stage is the bottleneck that restricts their developments. Mr. Nian Yongan, Chairman of the company and corporate shareholders seized this market opportunity. Under the support of state policy, financial services that meet the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises will develop by leaps and bounds. The company takes the responsibility of serving the small and medium-sized enterprises, and aims at serving and returning society.

    During the development process, the company has gradually established the enterprise spirit of “making bold innovation and willing to fulfill responsibility”, proposed the enterprise mission of “satisfying the customer, partner, staff, society, government and shareholder”, practicing the operating strategy of “lump sum, profit sharing, risk sharing and strengthen the supervision”. The company has established a complete management system, open recruitment on management staff and set the smooth advancement system and favorable salary system, which ensure the stability of the staff and manager, realize the system that the management is responsible for the board of directors, the board of directors is responsible for the board of shareholders, and the board of supervisors plays well its role of supervision.