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Xinrongji Investment Guarantee Co., Ltd

  Xinrongji Investment Guarantee Co., Ltd was funded in September, 2006. It is the first guarantee company invested and guided by the government, co-established by private investment and in market-based operation mode.Relying on honesty, specialty and innovation, Xinrongji received the steady and rapid development. The registered capital increased to 1 billion RMB greatly from 40 million RMB, and became the largest guarantee company that guided by the government and lead by the private companies of the province, leaping to the front among national private holding guarantee companies.

  The cooperation banks of Xinrongji has reached 14, becoming one of the few guarantee companies that commonly cooperate with state owned banks, policy banks and stock-holding banks. Due to outstanding achievements in supporting small and medium-sized enterprises, Xinrongji was honored as the “Excellent Guarantee Institution for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises” by Luoyang Municipal Party Committee and Luoyang Municipal Government and received a reward of over 40 million RMB from the state. In December 2014, it was listed among the small and medium-sized trust guarantee companies that are eligible to exempt of business tax issued by the state industrialization and informationization.

  Making bold innovation and willing to fulfill responsibility, Xinrongji carries the responsibility of supporting the small and medium-sized enterprises, and builds a wonderful enterprise in Chinese financial service industry, making unremitting efforts to realize the soar of Luoyang economy, the Central Plain’s dream and Chinese dream.


Henan Oriental Enterprise Investment Guarantee Co., Ltd   

  Henan Oriental Enterprise Investment Guarantee Co., Ltd was funded on September 12th, 2003, with a registered capital of 100 million RMB. Initiated by Zhengzhou High-tech Zone Administrative Committee, the company was one of the earliest guarantee institutions in Henan. The major businesses are loan guarantee, bill acceptance guarantee, trade financing guarantee, project financing guarantee, letter of creditor guarantee, attachment guarantee, and performance guarantee, etc..

  The company has a professional and highly effective team, among which 87% have bachelors and above degree, 97% majoring in economy, finance and law, 70% have medium and senior professional title. There are operating department, risk management department, finance department, comprehensive administrative department, and project examination committee. The company not only pays attention to the external business development, but also emphasize on internal risk control and management.During the past 12 years, the steady and rapid development has won the recognition from the government, enterprises and financial departments. At present, it has stayed close cooperation with China Development Bank, Bank of China, Bank of Communications, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, etc.

  In the operation, the company holds the belief of “honest and standard, innovative and effective, cooperative and win-win”, carries the purposes of serving small and medium-sized enterprises, and actively expands new business field and services. We makes efforts to improve the service quality, centers on providing guarantee for high-tech enterprises and builds the financing platform for small and medium-sized enterprises. Through guarantee and credit addition, many small and medium-sized companies have greatly improved their financing capacity and bettered the financing environment, strongly improved their developments and created more social benefits. In the future development, our company will optimize products and improve service quality constantly. In addition to providing better service for the small and medium-sized enterprises, we will do better in bridging the cooperation between banks and enterprises.



Weiding Finance Lease Co., Ltd

  Weiding Finance Lease Co., Ltd (“the company” or “Weiding Lease” for short) was funded on November 11th, 2014, with a registered capital of 360 million RMB. It is a foreign-invested financing lease company co-invested by Henan Xinrongji Financial Holding Co., Ltd (stock code 832379), Yuehao Gold (Group) Limited, Zhengzhou Evening Paper Limited. Registered address: Incubator Base of Innovation Park, the Eighth Avenue, Zhengzhou Economy and Technology Development District. The company is the largest financing lease company in terms of capital scale.

  The major businesses of the company include financing lease, operating lease, purchasing leased property both at home and abroad, and residual value processing on leased property, lease exchange consulting and son on. The company closely sticks to the national industrial policy, specially emphasizing on the weak periodical industries that matters vital to national well-being and the people’s livelihood like medical treatment, traffic, logistics, engineering machinery, and infrastructure and so on. Centered on leaseback and assisted by direct lease, the company provides highly effective, convenient, individual and comprehensive financing lease scheme for small and medium-sized enterprises through the strategic cooperation with the producer, lessee and commercial bank.

  At present, the operating lease businesses have covered traffic, medical treatment, logistics, engineering machinery, high-end equipment manufacturing industry and other national key supported industries.



Henan Huarong Business Asset Management Co., Ltd 

  Henan Huarong Business Asset Management Co., Ltd (“Huarong Company” for short) has the registered capital of 150 million RMB, the wholly-owned subsidiaries of the new three boards listed company “Xinrongji” (stock code 832379). Xingrong Fund, with a registered capital of 1.6 billion yuan RMB, is a comprehensive financial service institution rooted in Henan and spread to the whole country, serving the small and medium-sized enterprises in credit guarantee, asset management, investment management, finance lease and comprehensive financing programs. Mr. Nian Yongan, Chairman of Xinrongji is a Henan Provincial NPC member and the winner of May 1st Labor Medal.Huarong Company is majoring in risk investment and financial consulting service. Relying on the strong capital, rich human resources and professional resources, the company provides solutions to financing, merges and acquisition and listing, etc.

  We take the customers’ needs as the first requirement, quality oriented, pay special attention to people first and cooperation, and provide all kinds of excellent and professional services for customers comprehensively and effectively.

  Business Scope: Risk Investment, Financial Consulting (Financing Service / Merging and Acquisition Consulting Service / Listing Consulting Service).



Luoyang Industrial Park District Longchang Petty Loan Co., Ltd

  Luoyang Industrial Park District Longchang Petty Loan Co., Ltd was officially operating in June 2011. The registered capital reached 155 million RMB in 2015. The company has Credit Business Department, Finance Department, Comprehensive Office, Risk Control and related departments. Hold the principle of honesty and highly efficiency, the company provides professional, convenient and fast loan for small and medium-sized enterprises, individual business, and industries related to agriculture.

  The company standardizes the management and its benefits increase steadily. The type of loan are mainly of guarantee loan, and with a certain proportion of mortgage loan, covering different fields include planting and breeding, agricultural and byproducts processing, mechanical equipment purchase and sale, culture media, construction and decoration, logistics and transportation, and material trade, etc. Since its opening, the company has safely call in due loans, most of which are repayment in advance. The rest loans are in normal condition and no overdue or default condition. On the funds resources and flows, and rate policy, the company strictly carries the rules in “Petty Loan Company Pilot Management Interim Procedures”, holds the principle of “small amount and scattered”, solving the urgent funds needs and financing difficulties of small and Medium-sized enterprises and private business.

  Longchang Petty Loan Co., Ltd is the only petty loan company rooted in Luoyang Industrial Park District. On the basis of being bigger and stronger in loan business, the company provides comprehensive and multi financing service and builds a comprehensive financial service company.



Luoyang Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Asset Management Co., Ltd

  Luoyang Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Asset Management Co., Ltd was co-established by Xinrongji Financial Holdings, Luoyang Construction Investment Co., Ltd, Luoyang City Development Investment Group Co., Ltd, Jianxin District government, Mengjin County government, Jili District government, Jiuding Desheng, Kexianglai, etc.. This is the first state-backed asset management company that concentrates on enterprise merge. The registered capital is 0.14 billion RMB. 

  The company uses capital to lever the channels of asset restructuring and equity investment, etc., so as to help small and medium-sized companies that fall into difficulties due to fund shortage in Luoyang to maximize their capital value, realize asset securitization, asset marketization, fasten transformation and upgrading, and improve their business level, boosting the healthy development of Luoyang economy and society.