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  • 2015

    On December 4th, about 200 guests from Luoyang and Jianxi District government, financial institutions, small and medium-sized enterprises, main provincial and municipal news media gathered in Xinrongji Financial Holdings building to witness the “the Signing Ceremony of Jindian Lianxing, Xinrongji, New Direction Strategic Cooperation”, and to participate the big data risk quantitative management seminar themed with “New Technology, New Business, New Industry”.


    On November 19th, Henan Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Guarantee Group Co., Ltd granted a credit of 5 billion RMB again for Xinrongji Investment Guarantee Co., Ltd, the sub-company of Xinrongji Financial Holdings. The signing ceremony was held in Zhengzhou Yonghe Bojue Hotel.


    On November 4th, on the coming of the ninth “11•22 Luoyang Honesty Day”, the launch ceremony of propaganda month was solemnly held in the multi-functional hall on the 6th floor of Xinrongji building.


    On October 30th, after 3 months trail and optimizing, Xinrongji Investment Guarantee Co., Ltd, the sub-company of Xinrongji Financial Holdings and Jindian Lianxing (Beijing) Information Technology Co., Ltd signed the big data application contract formally.


    On October 27th, Xinrongji Financial Holdings and China Great Wall Asset Management Company signed the strategic cooperation contract.


    On September 24th, the chairman joint conference of the national local financial law seminar and the summit forum on the research of new finance mode and law risk were held in Luoyang, which was organized by Xinrongji Financial Holdings.


    On August 30th, Xinrongji Financial Holdings released the semiannual report. According to the report, the company has realized a operation revenue of 197.4096 million RMB, an increase of 106.92% compared with the corresponding period last year; a total profit of 147.988 million RMB, an increase of 122.65% compared with the corresponding period last year; the net profit of 112.9334 RMB, an increase of 119.61% compared with the corresponding period last year;.


    On August 28th, Xinrongji Financial Holdings has successfully held the road show in the national small and medium-sized enterprises share transfer system, which attracted much attention.


    On August 19th, sponsored by Xinrongji Financial Holdings and Jinxin Group, Henan Jinxin Love Education Foundation, and Luoyang Evening Paper, the student subsidies issuing ceremony of “2015 Sunflower Sunshine Student Aid” was held, over 1 million donation was used to subsidize over 800 needy freshman.


    On August 13th, Xinrongji Financial Holdings signed the strategic corporation contract with Luoyang Construction Investment Co., Ltd, Luoyang City Development Investment Group Co., Ltd, Jianxi District government, Mengjin County government, Jili District government, Jiuding Desheng, Kexianglai, etc. to establish Luoyang Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Asset Management Co., Ltd together. The registered capital is 0.14 billion RMB. Through initiate the merge and acquisition fund, the company aims to help small and medium-sized enterprises that fall into troubles due to capital chain creak to go through hardships. This is the first state-backed asset management company that concentrates on enterprise merge.


    On August 3th, the registered capital increased to 1.6 billion RMB.


    On June 30th, Shenzhen Qianhai Equity Exchange Center and Jiashi Asset Management Co., Ltd joined the first round targeted additional issuing, issued Jiashi capital Wutong Changshi specific asset management plan and subscribed 100 million share of Xinrongji Financial Holdings, starting the capital market financing of Xinrongji.
    Xinrongji was also favored by the brokers for its investment value. Over 10 securities institutions including Zhongshan Securities, Guosen Securities, Central China Securities, Shenwan Hong Yuan Securities, Century Securities, Jin Yuan Securities, Guangzhou Securities, Everbright Securities, Shanghai Securities, Xinda Securities and Jiu Zhou Securities subscribed 39 million shares of Xinrongji. Men and women


    On June 18th, Xinrongji Financial Holdings and Longchang Petty Loan Limited Company in Luoyang Industrial Park signed the equity merge and acquisition contract, purchasing Longchang Petty Loan. The company business added the small loan after the purchasing, becoming the new profits growing point and balanced the revenue structure of the company.


    On June 10th, Xinrongji participated in the new three board corporation investment presentation that held in Shanghai Purple Mountain Hotel. This was the second road show of Xinrongji since its successful listing, attracted the attention of famous investment institutions like Greenwoods Asset, Fosun International, Jiutai Fund and so on.


    On May 21st, invited as the representative of new three board listed company, Xinrongji Financial Holdings participated in the Luoyang small and medium-sized investment and financing summit forum and made a key note speech.


    On May 13th, Xinrongji Financial Holdings prepared a road show for investment institutions in Beijing, over 40 enterprises participated, including Star Capital, Citic Securities, Zhongrong Trust, Qilu Securities, Jiashi Capital, Galaxy Innovation Capital, Great Wall Securities, Orient Securities, etc..


    On May 12th, the opening ceremony of Xinrongji Financial Holdings was solemnly held. The opening bell rang in the building of National Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Share Transfer System in Ding No. 26, Finance Road, Beijing.


    On April 30th, Xinrongji Financial Holdings was officially listed, stock code 832379 and short name Xinrongji. The equity scale ranked No.4 in the country and No. 1 in Henan on the entire new three boards. According to the annual report of 2015, the company with the strongest profiting ability is Xinrongji among the entire Henan enterprises group on new three boards, with revenue of 288 million RMB, the profits of 149 million RMB, ranking No. 9 among the first 10 most profitable companies on the new three boards in 2014.


    On April 16th, Xinrongji Financial Holdings successfully past the examination of the National Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Share Transfer System received the official reply of listing on the new three boards.

  • 2014

    On December 1st, Henan Xinrongji Financial Holding Co., Ltd received the titles of “Top Ten Innovative Companies of the Central Plains in 2014” and “Top Ten Central Plains’ Brands in 2014”.


    On July 31st, Henan Xinrongji Financial Holding Co., Ltd held the founding meeting and the first general meeting of stockholders. Until now, Henan Xinrongji Financial Holding Co. Ltd has changed into Henan Xinrongji Financial Holding Co., Ltd, with over 10 sub financial service companies.


    On May 28th, Henan Xinrongji Financial Holding Co. Ltd funding press conference was held in the multi-functional hall in the 6th floor of Xinrongji Financial Holdings Building.


    On May 17th, Xinrongji organized the first training class on guarantee companies and petty loan companies in Luoyang.


    On May 2nd, the opening ceremony of Henan Xinrongji Financial Holding Co. Ltd and the first general meeting of stockholders, board of directors and board of supervisors were held. The stockholders include Jinxin Group, Luoyang Daily Press Group and some famous enterprises in Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenzhen, Zhejiang and so on.


    On March 20th, Xinrongji received the honorary title of “National Top 100 Most Trusted Supplier for Small and Micro Enterprises Financial Service in 2013”.


    On January 27th, focusing on the chairman of CCTV, Half-Hour Economy of CCTV2 made an exclusive interview on the chairman, Mr. Nian Yongan.

  • 2013

    On September 15th, Xinrongji Guarantee has established for 7 years. “Xinrongji, Founder Hesheng, EU Fund” strategic corporation contract and “Xinrongji, Jianghai Securities” corporation contract signing ceremony, and macro economy development and small and micro financial chain summit forum were solemnly held. Mr. Chen Xuefeng, member of Standing Committee of CPC Provincial Committee and Municipal Party Secretary, attend the signing ceremony.


    On May 15th, Xinrongji took the lead in responding to the call of government “Charity Donate for One Day” among the private enterprises of the city, raising a donation of 169,000 RMB.


    On April 28th, the company was listed as the most innovative company in Luoyang in 2012, Chairman Nian Yongan received the special award of merit of 2012 Luoyang Annual Economic Figures.


    On January 16th, Chairman Nian Yongan received the title of “Top 10 Love Figures” of Luoyang in 2012.

  • 2012

    On December 31st, Chairman Nian Yongan was selected as the deputy to the Provincial People's Congress


    On December 19th, the delegation of Fudeng Investment, Trust and Guarantee Co., Ltd visited us. Fudeng Company is the sole corporation of Fudeng Financial Holding Co., Ltd, the sub company of Singapore Temasek Holdings, with a capital fund of about 1.8 billion RMB. It is one of the foreign small and medium-sized enterprises credit guarantee companies with the most abundant financial resources, largest scale and most advance professional skills in China until now.


    On November 14th, conduct strategic cooperative negotiation with Legend Holdings Limited.


    On September 7th, the 6th anniversary celebration and the signing ceremony of cooperative bank credit granting was held. 10 financial institutions gave credit to Xinrongji, with a total amount of 8.9 billion RMB.

  • 2011

    On August 8th, Xinrongji received the business certificate of financing guarantee agency issued by Henan Provincial Ministry of Industry and Information, which was one of the first 7 guarantee agencies that received that permission in the whole city.


    On April 1st, leaders from the financing guarantee department of China Baking Regulatory Commission made investigation and survey in the company.

  • 2010

    On August 30th, on the Private Economy Work Meeting of the city, our company was honored as the “Excellent Guarantee Institution of Luoyang” by Luoyang Municipal Party Committee and Luoyang Municipal Government.


    On March 27th, the National Guarantee Industry Joint Meeting was held in Luoyang. Over 80 leading figure of the industry from 43 guarantee institutions of 37 cities of 26 provinces participated the meeting. Represented Luoyang guarantee industry, our company participated and organized the meeting.

  • 2009

    On December 19th, we received the honorary title of “Henan Private Economy Meritorious Company”.


    On August 18th, Founder Group and our company jointly held private equity investment symposium.


    On August 12th, started by Xinrongji, Luoyang Trust Investment and Guarantee Co., Ltd was established, with a registered capital of 100 million RMB.


    On July 10th, participants of Henan Provincial Engineering Guarantee on-the-spot Meeting visited Xinrongji.


    On June 27th, the company was listed No. 72 of the top 100 Chinese guarantee company in 2009


    On April 8th, the company received subsidies of 3.3 million RMB from the state finance.


    On March 27th, Chen Quanguo, Deputy Secretary of Henan Provincial Party Committee at that time made investigation in Xinrongji.


    On March 17th, the company held the Global Business Mode Innovation Forum and Luoyang Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Finance Summit.

  • 2008

    On October 29th, the registered capital of Xinrongji Guarantee has increased to 160 million RMB.


    On August 14th, Lian Weiliang, Member of Henan Provincial Stand Committee of CPC Party Committee and Secretary of Luoyang Municipal Party Committee at that time investigated the company.


    On July 27th, Chairman Nian Yongan became the torch bearer of Luoyang during Beijing Olympics.


    On March 27th, our company was honored as the “Excellent Guarantee Institution for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises” by Luoyang Municipal Party Committee and Luoyang Municipal Government.

  • 2007

    On November 22nd, started and organized “11•22 Luoyang Honesty Day” activity and reported by CCTV Xinwen Lianbo


    On May 1st, started and established Luoyang Urban and Rural Trust Association.


    On January 10th, the registered capital of Xinrongji Guarantee has increased to 110 million RMB.

  • 2006

    On October 8th, Luoyang Xinrongji Investment Guarantee Co., Ltd signed loan guarantee cooperative contract with Luoyang Bank, started the cooperation with banks.


    On September 15th, the opening ceremony of Luoyang Xinrongji Investment Guarantee Co., Ltd was held.


    On September 8th, Luoyang Xinrongji Investment Guarantee Co., Ltd was registered, with a registered capital of 40 million RMB.