About Us

We aim to build a remarkable financial institution in China, by taking the responsibility of supporting small-to-medium size enterprises as our first priority.

Xinrongji stock code: 832379

Xinrongji was set up in 2006, with an invested capital of 10 million RMB by the government, and many private enterprises to participate. After nearly 10 years development, Xinrongji started as a single guarantee company grew into a variety forms of comprehensive financial services organization, which cover guarantee、petty loan、finance lease、equity investment、fund management、asset management and related fields, becoming the No.1 “funds control” concept stock on “new three board”. The sub-companies include Xinrongji Investment Guarantee Co., Ltd, Henan Oriental Enterprise Investment Guarantee Co., Ltd, Weiding Finance Lease Co., Ltd, Henan Huarong Business Asset Management Corporation, Zhengbang International (Shenzhen) Asset Management Corporation, Beijing Ruifang Private Equity Fund Corporation, etc. Among them, Xinrongji Investment Guarantee Co., Ltd is the biggest government invested and guided, and corporation holding dominant guarantee institution in Henan, with a registered capital of 1 billion RMB and a net asset of 1.3 billion RMB.