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Mr. Nian Yongan

Mr. Nian Yongan is the chairman of Luoyang Jinxin Group Corporation and Henan Xinrongji Financial Holding Co., Ltd., adjunct professor of MBA Education Center of Henan University of Science and Technology, advanced individual of Henan “Spring Buds Program”, Henan “50 Advanced Unit and Individual of Love aid Fund”, laureate honor of “Dahe Chunhua Salvation Operation Loving Enterprise”, and the 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th deputy to the National People's Congress.

Dear friends:

Hello! Welcome to the website of Henan Xinrongji Financial Holding Co., Ltd.

In September 2006, holding the great love and mission of “the strong of small and medium-sized enterprises is the prosperous of China”, shouldering the great trust of the government and the hope of small and medium-sized enterprises, we established Xinrongji Investment Guarantee Co. , Ltd, and undertook the task firmly, becoming the forerunner in Luoyang guarantee industry.
From unknown to public to stand out from the crowd, starting from scratch to industry leader, the development of Xinrongji is full of hardships and glories.
    During the development, we have suffered global financial storm and experienced economic downturn and serious industry crisis. Go upstream to even in the difficulties shows the true quality of a hero. Xinrongji was bold in innovation, transformed from single guarantee business to a comprehensive financial service institution, and established Henan Xinrongji Financial Holding Co., Ltd., with the business area of equity investment, creditor's rights transaction, mergers and acquisitions, finance lease, fund management, petty loan, asset management, asset assessment and related fields.
    On April 30, 2015, Xinrongji Financial Holding Co., Ltd. successfully listed on the “new three board”, stock code 832379, and became the No.1 “funds control” concept stock on “new three board”. The registered capital has reached 1.6 billion RMB. The equity scale ranked No. 1 in Henan and No. 4 around the country. The earning power jumped to the forefront on the new three board as “the most profitable company”.
    How long we can go not depends on feet but aspiration. What can we achieve not depends on hands but wisdom. How far we can look not depends on eyes but mind.
    I always hold a creed: whether a business boss can accomplish great things not depends on his personal ability, but on how many people help you, what help you, what they do and how long will they help you. What Xinrongji has accomplished can’t do without the enthusiasm and efforts of every staff and our partners.
    I have a few words to share with you, “great deal and difficulties will prove one’s undertaking; how to deal with favorable circumstances and adverse circumstances depends on one’s minds; one’s happiness and anger will show his self-cultivation; whether to give up or gain depends on one’s wisdom; and whether success or fail depends on perseverance”.
    Sunshine comes after the storm! Xinrongji will always carry the responsibility of supporting the small and medium-sized enterprises, rooted in Henan, work hard to cover the Central Plains, and make overall arrangement in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen, building a wonderful enterprise in Chinese financial service industry, and thus realize the great-leap-forward development.
    With best regards! Wish you success in business!